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The Valentino company has been operating for more than 50 years in the sector of decorations and yeasts for sweet and savory confectionery and is today among the most successful nationally.
Over the years, with the experience and the ability to interpret the market needs and consumer trends, with particular attention to quality and customer care, the company has become a point of reference in the pastry yeast sector, acquiring a specific know-how that makes it today one of the most authoritative interlocutors in the Italian market.
The company combines the characteristics of financial strength and managerial skills with the ability to adapt to the specific needs of customers, a typical feature of a dynamic artisan company.


The Valentino company was founded in 1965 in the field of dessert preparations and is today in continuous expansion. The young Giacomo Valentino, animated by remarkable enthusiasm, decided to produce ammonium bicarbonate, commonly known as ammonia for sweets, which at the time, like most of all products, was sold by weight. The innovative idea was to put on the market a consumer product that was then only destined for the pharmaceutical sector or in shops called drugstores.
Over the years, with experience and ability to interpret market needs and consumer trends, with particular attention to quality and customer care, the company becomes a point of reference in the sector of decorations and yeasts for sweet and salty pastry.
The ideals that distinguish it and that have allowed it to grow and modernize over the years are passion, transparency and excellence, with the main objective of the quality of its products and customer loyalty.
After more than 50 years, the company is today among the most successful nationally and is a guarantee brand for its customers.
Starting from the new millennium the company is managed by the daughters of Mr. Giacomo, Isabella and Anna, and his nephew Aldo, who have kept the name.


The Valentino company is a family business on a mission, with the desire to supply its traditional products to consumers, transmitting passion, values and the spirit of sharing. In the innovation of ther products the company respects the ancient and genuine traditions of Italian pastry, paying attention to both new market trends and the needs of professionals and families. The goal is to involve people in the preparation of homemade desserts, with the possibility that everyone is able to select the desired ingredients in moments of everyday life and special occasions.

Isabella Valentino goccine
Isabella Valentino dischi fondente
Isabella Valentino dischi avorio
Isabella Valentino cremore di tartaro
Isabella Valentino ammoniaca lievito istantaneo per biscotti
Isabella Valentino bicarbonato di sodio

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