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It was 1960 when Aldo Carozzi began marketing the products of the valley. In the heart of Valsassina, in Ballabio first and then in Pasturo, Carozzi Formaggi begins to manage the production and maturing of cheeses, growing with the succession of generations and also establishing itself abroad.

For over fifty years we have been committed to combining the precious artisan skills of the cheese-makers with the needs dictated by the most modern taste. The result is a wide range of unique cheeses, the result of a solid passion and some happy intuitions, which over the years receive prestigious awards.

In 2015 the Formaggeria is born, a space dedicated to the gastronomic excellences of the Valsassina: resale of products and bistros, but also a place of discovery, experimentation and high-level gastronomic events.

The excellence of our cheeses is guaranteed by the production methods, carefully protected over decades and reinterpreted in light of the evolution of tastes.

Local Region
We are proud to be spokesmen of the gastronomic traditions of Valsassina, the cradle of a dairy heritage appreciated in Italy and in the world.

We are happy to welcome our customers and allow them to live an exclusive and authentic experience, “touching the Carozzi world”.

The production process and product quality comply with all current sanitation regulations and are certified at European level.

formaggio santo caprino, carozzi
formaggio gorgonzola dolce a cubetti in bicchiere, carozzi
foprmaggio caprino, carozzi
formaggio taleggio dop, carozzi

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