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Borduito extra virgin olive oil is produced from secular olive trees located half way between the sea and the Murgia hills, in this particular area where olive oil traditions has roots going back several centuries.

Excellent taste: The most important characteristic of the extra virgin olive oil by Borduito is the rate of acidity which is only 0,3 degrees and also peroxides that are exceptionally low. Other considerable characteristics are the deep green colour, intense fragrance and fresh olive taste. The delicious flavours make its olive oil an extremely tasty dressing as well as a healthy solution.

Borduito, from more than two generations, works and markets high quality, indigenous almonds grown in Puglia. These products are not only genuine, but also good for the body because they are rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin E and oleic acid.
All almonds produced by Borduito are made in Puglia and stand out for their high quality and their careful processing.

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